The Australian Electricity Dashboard data is sourced from energy.gov.au, which provides comprehensive and authoritative electricity data for Australia.  The 2021 calendar year data is the most recent release and provides generation estimates for all states and territories except the ACT.  This dashboard will be updated periodically when new data becomes available.

Electricity generation was up overall in 2021, despite the pandemic being in full flight.  The steady shift to renewables continues, with 20% net growth observed across all renewable sources for 2021, led by wind which has grown by 18.5%, consistent with its previous growth over the past 3 years, which can be observed in the line charts on the bottom right of the dashboard (Hint: select wind from the bar chart to isolate it on the line chart).  Wind is the most favoured source of renewable electricity across Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, with Queensland lagging behind other states in their adoption of renewable sources (still 81% non-renewable in 2021).

The biggest percentage increase in renewables comes from Western Australia, up 30% from 2020, on the back of increased generation from wind and small-scale solar sources.

Across the country, non-renewable sources have declined by 5.4%, with every state and territory showing less reliance on their generation.  Interestingly, despite strong reductions in black coal and natural gas, brown coal generation has remained relatively stable from the period 2018-2021.

 Grant Henderson | LinkedIn