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Perceptive Data is an Australian data visualisation and analytics company, specialising as your Tableau consultant.

Using Tableau, a world leading visual analytics platform, your data insights stand out sharply from the crowd.

Perceptive Data holds Certified Tableau Associate qualifications.

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Small and agile, Perceptive Data is responsive to your needs.

Tailored data analytics and visualisations allow you to be the expert in your field.

Your data is in good hands.  Perceptive Data works across a variety of industries to solve data challenges for our clients, and in turn, their clients. 

Our focus is on setting you on path to analytics independence (but we’ll always be there to help). 

Our projects and clients vary from small to large, spanning across industries.  These include data acquisition and validation for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, data visualisation for transport manufacturing and sporting events,  through to education projects for universities and state government centres.

Perceptive Data is the initiative of Principal Analyst, Grant Henderson, located in Ballarat, Western Victoria, providing services to Melbourne, interstate and internationally.

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By visualising your data, you become the expert in your field.  You save time by avoiding spreadsheets and moving to the meaningful analysis.

Get ahead with our help.



Hearing Data

Talking about your business is important.

To understand and develop your analytics we need to learn your data, listen to, and understand your goals.




Tableau Consultant

Already familiar with Tableau and need help?  Our expertise is in creating Tableau visualisations and dashboards with you.

A Certified Tableau Associate.

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Located in Ballarat in Western Victoria, Perceptive Data provides data visualisation services in Melbourne and across state and international borders.

Feel free to talk to us wherever you may be located.

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