Case Study

Trailer Safety

For Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions, a proud Australian family business of over 70 years, safety is paramount to the manufacturing and installation of their industry leading heavy vehicle towing components.

Bartlett required an ongoing analytics solution to assist their customers in understanding their truck and trailer load limits, an element critical to safe road transport.

Using Tableau, Perceptive Data developed dynamic rating charts, customised for each customer, visually demonstrating their towing capacities.

As an extension, our analytics now support Bartlett in their sales and market research capabilities.


Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions

Hallam, Melbourne, VIC.


Bartlett’s website video, demonstrating the data capabilities provided by Perceptive Data

Bartlett dashboard

Custom geographical distributions (marks removed for confidentiality)

safety research

Accident research

Project Overview

  • Custom visualisations to support client vehicle loading limits
  • Sales and distribution patterns
  • Market research

Client: Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions.

Completion: Ongoing client


  • Data collection and preparation
  • Tableau visual analytics
  • Documentation
  • Education and training


Data Preparation

This project required precision in data extraction and transformation from Bartlett’s rating system


Data Visualisation

Tableau’s dynamic charts were used to provide custom loading guides for each client’s unique towing scenario



Perceptive Data has an ongoing relationship with Bartlett, providing sales analytics and market research

“We’ve developed a great ongoing partnership with Grant at Perceptive Data.  The development of data management practices and visual analytics using Tableau were pivotal in providing our clients with clear load specifications for safe vehicle operation.”

Allan Bartlett

Managing Director, Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions

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