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Sports Analytics

It’s always exciting modelling sports data and this ongoing project is no exception.  This is Perceptive Data’s own sports analytics service, running as a separate business entity known as RACE EXPLORER.

RACE EXPLORER is what happens when passions for data visualisation and outdoor activity collide.  This project first gained its running legs when Grant (Perceptive Data Director), served as the volunteer course designer on the race committee for the local Crack The Crater Trail Run in the picturesque town of Buninyong in Victoria, Australia.

Combining data visualisation and the results output from the event timers, the concept of a virtual race map and racing analytics dashboard was created.  The idea was extended, fine-tuned, tested again and again, and when participants started remarking, “This is so cool!” and began sharing it on social media, it was clear they loved exploring the race stats and finding themselves in the field on the virtual race map.

RACE EXPLORER is now available as a customised race analytics service worldwide.  It has it’s own dedicated website and you can find out more about Perceptive Data’s dedicated race analytics service here.  



Ballarat, VIC.


The promotional video for the RACE EXPLORER service

race dashboard

The interactive race map plots competitors against the field

sports analytics

The race analytics dashboard provides a complete event overview

Project Overview

  • Customised service for sport analytics
  • Tableau interactive dashboard
  • Hosted on RACE EXPLORER


Completion: Ongoing service to sports clients


  • Data preparation
  • Customised Tableau sports analytics
  • Social media promotion
  • Engagement and usage statistics


Data Preparation

Each event’s race data is unique in its format.  The data is cleaned and prepared for analysis in the race dashboard.  


Data Visualisation

The Race Analytics Dashboard provides a fully interactive environment for race competitor’s to explore their event in depth.



The race dashboard is customised to each event which can include logos, sponsors, colours and layout.

“Race Explorer brings an extra value to the participants, race organizers and to the sponsors. It is win-win for all involved and for us it is no brainer to recommend it to all event partners we are working with.

It is has been great to have Grant and his Race Explorer event analytics onboard. Love his work!

Michal Trnka

Managing Director, Alpine Timing

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