Tableau word clouds in action

So what are the most popular dog names in Ballarat, Victoria? Fido? Rex? Or are these flashes from the past?

An effective way of showing popularity in names (or any text) is to create a word cloud. A Tableau word cloud is quite easy to generate, and this video demonstrates how to create one quite quickly in Tableau using the open pet registration data from the City of Ballarat.

Creating a Tableau Word Cloud

Analyse text to deliver insights

While discovering the popularity of dog names may be trivial, this technique when applied across ‘qualitative’ datasets provides insights to the common or recurring themes in your data. A word cloud is an excellent way of effectively communicating data, particularly when it’s the comparison of data that is important, rather than the raw numbers.

For example, assigning a word cloud to written responses from surveys, such as open comment fields, when used with caution picks up consumer sentiment. It can also be used to analyse social media feeds to determine themes and trends.

Tableau word cloud
For cats in Ballarat, it’s Smokey, just in front of Oscar

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