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Waste Analytics

Waste collection, processing and disposal is a critical function of local government and can be the single highest expenditure item.  Reducing waste costs, particularly by reducing or diverting waste from landfill, can drastically reduce costs while improving community sustainability practices.

Perceptive Data has transformed waste management for the Colac Otway Shire with a series of contemporary dashboards.  The shire now accurately monitors the journey of municipal waste and understands the impacts of initiatives to decrease landfill and encourage diversion to recyclable streams.

Our waste analytics begin with the visual validation of contractor waste collection data and reconciliation of invoices.  They highlight any variations from the expected.

Waste trends are observed and monitored, with close comparison to previous years.  While the impacts of service changes, such as the recent introduction of glass, are easily evaluated.

The waste dashboards now enable the shire to understand the waste behaviour of the sectors within their community, assisting to evaluate waste education campaigns and plan new waste reduction strategies.

The dashboards also tap into the Shire’s customer service system to provide fast visualisation of the progress of resident’s waste requests. 

Perceptive Data continues to work alongside the Colac Otway Shire to support their waste analytics requirements.


Colac Otway Shire

Colac, VIC.


waste analytics dashboard

The Waste Summary Dashboard provides key KPIs and trends.

(some metrics blurred intentionally)

waste behaviour analytics dashboard

The Waste Behaviour Dashboard provides insight on disposal habits.

(some metrics blurred intentionally)

Project Overview

  • Full visual analysis of shire waste collections.
  • Development of Tableau Dashboards for waste trends, stream diversion and community waste behaviour analysis.
  • Secure Tableau Cloud deployment for council access.

Client: Colac Otway Shire

Completion: Tableau Cloud deployment June 2021; ongoing client


  • Data ETL (extracting, transforming, loading)
  • Data validation and reconciliation
  • Tableau visual analytics development
  • Tableau Cloud deployment and management
  • Ad hoc analysis and reporting inc. CPI modelling


Data Preparation

Monthly waste contractor data is cleansed, validated and compiled for visual analytics and financial reconcilliation. 


Data Visualisation

Tableau dashboards capture and visualise all of the key waste metrics, providing a suite of explanatory (KPI) and exploratory (behaviour analysis) dashboards. 


Tableau Cloud

Data security and controlled access is achieved through the hosted Tableau Cloud solution, providing simple access to analytics whenever required.

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