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The ARTSA Institute (ARTSA-i) is Australia’s road transport industry body for research, analysis and policy guidance and representation.  Data analytics play a crucial role in the ability of ARTSA-i to respond to the evolving challenges in their rapidly changing industry.

Perceptive Data led the transformation of ARTSA-i data capabilities, moving from static PDF and Excel reporting to a fully online and interactive Tableau Online analytics environment. 

ARTSA-i members, including leading truck and trailer manufacturers across Australia, now frequently login to the secure Tableau Cloud access a series of interactive Tableau dashboards, providing deep market insights and trends on heavy vehicle registrations across Australia.

The security of confidential vehicle registration data is central to the solution, with Tableau Cloud enabling the fine-tuning of permissions and providing precise levels of access for each entity. 

As an extension, Perceptive Data continues to work with ARTSA-i, developing further specialised Tableau analytics and training ARTSA-i staff in utilising Tableau to perform their own analysis and research.


ARTSA Institute

Sandringham, Melbourne, VIC.


ARTSA-i Perceptive Data

The Landing page provides the latest industry snapshot and trends

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ARTSA-i Trends and Hotspots

Relationships between geography and market hotspots are quickly evident

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Project Overview

  • Transformation from static reports to interactive Tableau analytics
  • Development of Tableau Dashboards for quarterly market results, trends and geographical segmentation
  • Secure Tableau Cloud deployment for 24/7 industry member access

Client: ARTSA Institute (ARTSA-i)

Completion: Tableau Cloud deployment January 2021; ongoing client


  • Data ETL (extracting, transforming, loading)
  • Tableau visual analytics development
  • Tableau Cloud deployment and maintenance
  • Education and training


Data Preparation

Data preparation through Tableau Prep  ensures data is processed efficiently and is optimised for presentation in Tableau dashboards. 


Data Visualisation

Tableau dashboards capture all of the key heavy vehicle registration metrics and relationships. 

Industry members view the trends and see who is driving them.


Tableau Online

Data security and controlled access is paramount to the ARTSA-i analytics solution.  Tableau Online provides an Australian-based cloud server for hosting ARTSA-i’s secure Tableau environment.

“Our transition in the space of a short period has been exceptional.  We’ve moved from the Dropbox sharing of spreadsheets to secure Tableau Cloud analytics, providing our members with rapid insights on the latest trends in the heavy vehicle industry”

Robert Perkins

Executive Director, ARTSA-i Data Analytics

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