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Tableau Designers

Perceptive Data visualisations put your data into focus.  

Our visualisations bring clarity to streams of data, helping you identify the good from the bad.



Our Core Services


Data Visualisation

Our core service; your data is transformed into interactive visualisations to put you back in control of your decision making.


Tableau Consulting

With ‘Certifiably Tableau’ expertise on hand, be led through the transition from spreadsheets to interactive and embedded analytics.


Data Transformation

The nitty gritty of preparing data for visualisation.  We’ll do the heavy lifting for you and extract and prepare your data for automated analytics.


Education and Training

Training you, your staff and clients in how to achieve the best outcomes from your analytics.

Perceptive Data

Enabling data exploration

Our analytic dashboards promote the exploration of your data in depth.

They are interactive.  You hover and click on charts to discover the relationships between your variables.

Pre-attentive attributes draw your attention to hotspots, trends and outliers, ensuring critical aspects of your analysis aren’t missed.

Analytics can be distributed throughout your organisation, empowering informed and perceptive decision making.


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Located in Ballarat in Western Victoria, Perceptive Data provides data visualisation services in Melbourne and across state and international borders.

Feel free to talk to us wherever you may be located.
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